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Community Outreach Media Release to Community Education Council Members

Community Outreach Media Release to Community Education Council Members
Sent to:
Dear Community Education Council Members:
Please find the information below for your timely input and comments.
Thank you f or your kind attention and Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!
Confucius TeachingsCharter School Seeking Authorization Through SUNY

A Group of applicants are applying through the SUNY authorizer to establish sixcharter schools in September 2014, in the two largest Chinatowns in New York:Flushing and Manhattan.

The Name of these Schools will all be under "Confucius Teachings Charter School", including theElementary School (K-5) Middle School (6-8) and High School (9-12).

Three will be located in the Community School District 25 of Queens; three willbe located in the Community School District 1 of Chinatown in Manhattan.

Applications for permanent space from DOE for these schools are submitted onFebruary 17, 2013.

The Lead Applicant for the three schools at Queens is Ms. Xiaomin Xu, a localresident in Flushing and an expert communityeducator in Chinese Traditional Culture.

The Lead Applicant for the three schools at Manhattan Chinatown is Ms. RuhuiHuang, a mother and a local resident.

The applicants plan to enroll 80 students of Grade K for the first year andreach Grade 5 at the fifth year with a total enrollment of 480 students, forthe Elementary Charter Schools.

For the Middle Charter Schools, the applicants plan to enroll 100 Grade 6students for the first year and reach a total enrollment of 400 students at thefifth year, with students from Grade 6-8.

For the High Charter School,the applicants plan to enroll 100 Grade 9 students in the first year and reacha total enrollment of 500 students at the fifth year, with students from Grade9-12.

Public Comments for the Queens charter schoolsare warmly accepted through contacting:

Ms. Xiaoming Xu
Phone: 908-656-5155

Public Comments for the Manhattan Chinatown charter schools are warmly acceptedthrough contacting:

Ms. Ruhui Huang
Phone: 201-206-3080

The website that mediate public comments is:
ConfuciusTeachings Charter School


孔子曰特許學校 (小学;中学;高中)現正向聯邦政府申請註冊,計畫於2014年9月1日正式開放。孔子曰特許學校將彙集中西方的專家學者和優秀教師,把西方最先進的科學成果和東方的身心靈傳統文化完美地結合在一起,最大限度地開啟學生的智慧,激發學生的靈感和創意,成就對社會有責任感、語言能力超強的優秀雙語人才。2014年將招收80名幼稚園學生(小学),100名六年级学生(中学),100名九年级学生(高中)。招生人數將逐年遞增。學校的地址將選在紐約皇后區圖書館附近的自由法拉盛猶太中心。

地点:135-14 北方大道,法拉盛,NY 11354

Confucius Teachings Charter School
Revitalization of the Chinese community
Restorationof thetradition of Chineseculture

Confucius Teachings Charter Schools (ElementarySchool; Middle School; High school)are seeking approval through the SUNYAuthorizer and the applicants are planning to officiallyopen the schools on September 1, 2014. Confucius Teachings CharterSchools will recruit leading scholars, experts andteachers from both the East and the West to offer the students with both theadvanced scientific achievements from the West and the profound wisdom ofmind-body-spirit from the East to gain excellent bilingualskills and deep wisdom of life, besides mastering all basic skills of English,Math, Social Studies and Science. In September 2014, the Elementary CharterSchool will enroll80 kindergarten students, the MiddleCharter Schoolwill enroll 100 sixth grade students and the High Charter Schoolwill enroll 100 ninth-grade students.Enrollment will increaseevery year. The location of the three CharterSchools in Queens is tentativelyplanned to be at the Free Synagogue of Flushing:

A press conference will be heldon the Lantern Festival (February 24, 2013)
Time: 2:00 P.M.
Location: 135-14 NorthernBlvd, Flushing, NY 11354

We welcome parents, teachers, community elders, community leaders, community representatives,educators, experts and scholars to put forwardvaluable opinions and suggestions.Thank you for your support.

Lead Applicant: Ms. Xiaoming Xu
Phone: (908) 656-5155
Conferencia de prensa

Confucio Enseñanzas Charter School

Revitalización de la comunidad china
La restauración de la tradición de la cultura china

Confucio Enseñanzas Charter Schools (Escuela Elemental, Escuela Intermedia, Escuela secundaria) están buscando laaprobación a través de la AutorizadorSUNY y lossolicitantes tienen previsto inaugurar oficialmente las escuelas el 1 de septiembre de 2014. Confucio Enseñanzas EscuelasCharter reclutará principalesestudiosos, expertos y maestros de Oriente y Occidente paraofrecer a los estudiantes tantode los logros científicos avanzadosde Occidente y la sabiduría profunda de la mente-cuerpo-espíritu de Oriente para obtener excelentes habilidades bilingües y profunda sabiduría dela vida, además de dominar todaslas habilidades básicas de Inglés, Matemáticas, Estudios Sociales y Ciencias. En septiembre de 2014, la Escuela CharterElementary se inscribirán 80estudiantes de kindergarten, la Escuela Charter Middle inscribirá a 100 estudiantes de sexto grado y la Escuela Charter High inscribirá a 100 estudiantesde noveno grado. Inscripción seincrementará cada año. Laubicación de las tres Escuelas Charteren Queens está tentativamenteplaneada para estar en la Sinagoga Libre de Flushing:

Una conferencia de prensa se ​​llevará acabo en el Festival de los Faroles (24 de febrero de 2013)

Hora: 14:00
Ubicación: 135-14 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354

Damos la bienvenida a los padres, losmaestros, los ancianos de la comunidad,líderes comunitarios, representantes de la comunidad,educadores, expertos y académicos paraponer adelante valiosas opinionesy sugerencias. Gracias por tu apoyo.

El plomo Solicitante: Sra. Xu Xiaoming
Teléfono: (908) 656-5155

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