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Seeking for Information from the General Public on the Understandings of Falun Dafa and Impact of Falun Dafa in New York

Seeking Information from the General Public on the Understanding of Falun Dafa and Impact of Falun Dafa in New York
Dr. Lotus King Weiss
The general public is welcome to submitted all information on Falun Dafa in New York. We would like you to share with us your knowledge and understandings of Falun Dafa in the following areas:
1. What is Falun Dafa?
2. How many people are practicing Falun Dafa in New York?
3. How many children are practicing Falun Dafa in New York?
4. Why was Falun Dafa banned from China in 1999?
5. Is Falun Dafa still banned in China?
6. If American children of Chinese immigrants' family practice Falun Dafa in New York, are the family members in China facing great danger?
7. Is Falun Dafa a form of religion?
8. Is Falun Dafa political?
9. What type of benefits are there from the practice of Falun Dafa for children?
10. If the Confucius Teachings Charter School offer Falun Dafa Teachings to the students, would you send your chidlren to these schools?
These are the questions we are commonly given and we also encourage you to submit additional questions. These questions will be submitted to the Minghui Net which has been serving as the major resource of Falun Dafa Teachings for Falun Dafa practitioners all over the world.
PLease submit all your comments and questions to:
Dr. Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.
The Whole Elephant Institute

3 Comments to Seeking for Information from the General Public on the Understandings of Falun Dafa and Impact of Falun Dafa in New York:

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Anonymous on Tuesday, April 02, 2013 9:19 AM
(1)什么是法轮大法;————法轮大法是由李洪志师父于1992年传出的佛家上乘修炼大法,以宇宙最高特性“真善忍”为根本指导,按照宇宙演化原理而修炼,是性命双修的佛家修炼法门。 (2)纽约有多少人在修炼法轮大法;————大约上万吧。 (3)纽约的孩子有多少在修炼法轮大法;————据我所知,孩子真正修炼大法的不是很多。 (4)法轮大法为什么在1999年被取缔;————那是法轮大法深得人心,修炼大法的人越来越多,有上亿的大法学员,独裁的邪党政府惧怕了。 (5)法轮大法现在仍旧被中国取缔吗;————是的。 (6)如果中国移民的美国孩子在纽约修炼法轮大法,他们在中国的家庭会面临很大危险吗;————会受到搔扰,让写信或电话规劝,在政府部门工作的人员会在升职方面有影响。其他危险应该不会有。 (7)法轮大法是不是一种宗教;————不是。 (8)法轮大法是政治吗;————不是。 (9)儿童修炼法轮大法有什么益处?————从小接受“真、善、忍”熏陶,提高心性,在学业上能专心学习,使孩子身心健康,人心向善 (10)如果孔子曰特许学校向学生传授法轮大法,你还会把孩子送到这些学校吗?————我会的。
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