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Community Outreach: WEI Chinese-English Bilingual Lecture 01/07/2016

The Whole Elephant Institute offered the following Chinese-English Bilingual Lecture to 495 students on January 7, 2016 through the WEI Bilingual Training Center at the WeChat Platform. The Following is the voice recording of the lecture:;;
The bilingual teaching materials are listed below for students to read and review:

68. The Virtue of Non-struggle 善為士者,不武。善戰者,不怒。善勝敵者,不與。 善用人者,為之下。 是謂不爭之德,是謂用人之力,是謂配天,古之極。 He who can offer wise counsel will not display his wisdom116 He who is a fine fighter will not show his anger. . He who is good in contests will not struggle with his contestants. He who knows how to use people stay low and underneath them. This is the virtue of non-struggle. This is making use of others’ full abilities. This can be said to match heaven And is really the best art handed down from the ancient days.

69. Humility and Adaptiveness in the Battlefield 用兵有言:「吾不敢為主,而為客﹔ 不敢進寸,而退尺。」 是謂行無行,攘無臂,執無兵,乃無敵矣。 禍莫大于輕敵,輕敵几喪吾寶。故抗兵相若,哀者勝矣。 Military strategists have this dictum: “When I am not ready to take the role of the host (the attacker), I will take the role of the guest (the defender); When I am not ready to advance an inch, I will retreat a foot.” This is known as moving but not having a fixed pattern of moving; Pushing away, but not having a predictable pattern of pushing as you would push with an arm; Taking command, but having no fixed pattern of taking command. This way, you will be invincible.117 The greatest ill lies in slighting one’s opponents; Slighting my opponent, I could easily lose my treasure. When two armies of equal strength meet in combat, It is the army that considers itself weak that will win.

70. The Rarity of Dao Followers 吾言甚易知,甚易行。天下莫能知,莫能行。 言有宗,事有君。 夫唯無知,是以不我知。知我者希,則我者貴。 是以聖人被褐而懷玉。 What I say is easy to understand and easy to practice Yet few people under heaven understand and practice it. What I preach has a respectable ancestry, What I do serves a lord well.119 Yet few people are aware of this, And therefore few understand me. The fewer people know about me. The rarer and the better positioned are those who know and practice my teaching. The Sage is like someone hiding a precious jade piece underneath his clothes.

71. Rediscover What You Know in Your Nature 知不知,上,不知知,病。聖人不病,以其病病,是以不病。 One who knows what one did not know originally is great; One who forgets what one originally knows is sick.120 The Sage is free from that sickness because he realizes it to be sickness and takes the necessary steps to avoid it.

72. Do Not Intimidate Others; Do Not Exalt Yourself 民不畏威,則大威至。無狎其所居,無厭其所生。 夫唯不厭,是以不厭。 是以聖人自知不自見,自愛不自貴。故去彼取此。 Truly reverence-inspiring is he who displays nothing to intimidate his people. Do not despise people for their humble residences; Do not shun them for their modest births. Because you do not despise and shun them, They also will not despise and shun you. The Sage knows himself and frees himself from prejudice. He treasures and takes care of his own life but will not exalt himself. He gives something up and gains something else.

73. Heaven’s Plans 勇于敢,則殺,勇于不敢,則活。 此兩者,或利或害。天之所惡,孰知其故? 天之道,不爭而善勝,不言而善應,不召而自來,姍然而善謀。 天網恢恢,疏而不失。 He who is brave enough to challenge the Dao perishes. He who is brave enough to revere the Dao lives. These two personalities, with their respective harms and benefits, will invite favor or disfavor from heaven. Does any one know the reason behind it? The way of heaven, the Dao, is apt to win benefits though it never struggles for any benefit. He who follows the Dao, though he never asks for any favor, receives the favor. Results come of their own accord where results are due. Without deliberating, heaven appears to have its plans. Although its net appears to consist of course meshes, No one can sneak through and escape the law.

74. Rely Not On the Death Penalty 民不畏死,奈何以死懼之?若使民常畏死,而為奇者,吾得執而殺之,孰敢?常 有司殺者殺。夫代司殺者殺,是謂代大匠斫。夫代大匠斫者,希有不傷其手矣。 People would not be afraid of death (if they had no alternative but to risk their lives). Why should we intimidate them with the threat of death? If people were generally afraid of death, And we are able to seize and kill those who offend a condemnable decree, Why would anyone still risk their lives?121 The Lord of Killing122 Yet anyone who kills in his place does kill from time to time. is like someone who takes the place of the master carpenter and uses his sharp tools. It is unlikely that he can avoid hurting his own hands.

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To know and speak different language help you in your professional life to interact with different persons efficiently. The Whole Elephant Institute is offering to learn the Chinese Language easily. You can get help from this blog and train your self in bilingual.
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Carol R. Blackwell on Thursday, November 14, 2019 1:55 AM
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